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What does common sense say?

The human immune system serves to neutralize harmful pathogens. Why would man suddenly need a mouth mask to prevent man from dying out? Wearing a mouth mask and constantly avoiding contact with any pathogens will weaken the immune system!

What does science say?

Swiss Policy Research concludes that:

  • face masks have no effect, either to protect yourself or others
  • fabric face masks are not effective against viral infections and virus transmission because they do not fit closely to the face and consist of pores that are much larger than the coronavirus
  • requiring a mouth mask does increase the risk of infection and does not reduce it
  • wearing face masks did not lower the risk of influenza infection among ordinary citizens or health professionals
  • people in poor health might benefit from wearing a face mask if they are in a high-risk situation
  • face masks increase the risk of infection if they become moist or are used repeatedly
  • cloth face masks can significantly increase the risk of various infections when used by the public

Evolution in the statements of Mr Marc Van Ranst (KULeuven):

"The rush on mouth masks is really exaggerated," says Van Ranst. "You don't have to wear masks in public, those viruses don't just walk through the streets." It is also a waste of medical equipment. "Nurses, doctors, surgeons ... they really need those masks."
Marc Van Ranst is certainly in favor of the Antwerp directive to always have a mask in his pocket. "That's a good point of view," he says. "After all, you cannot always predict which part of the city you will be visiting." He does not find an obligation to keep the mask on anytime and anywhere. "It only contributes in busy places, the mayors are best placed to indicate where that is."
The rules are becoming even stricter in the province of Antwerp. The mask requirement on empty streets is met with harsh criticism there. “Those mouth masks are indeed a tricky point, just like everywhere else. People need to understand why they should set up one: to protect people. Suppose you walk alone in a forest, then there is no one to protect. It seems logical to me that you should not wear a mask in that situation. ”

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Latest modification: October 03, 2020