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The information on this site provides factual and reference-based reflections about the measures imposed on us, for example, in the context of the coronavirus, the lockdown, the social distancing, mouth masks, and the possible COVID-19 vaccine.

The COVID-19-related mortality in Belgium is 3 times higher than that of Sweden. The COVID-19-related mortality in Belgium is 8 times higher than that of Germany.

It is thus clear that Belgium did not address the COVID-19 problem decently! Worldwide 99,965% survived a COVID-19 infection! It is mainly older people who die from COVID-19: about 94% of Belgian COVID-19-deaths are over 65.

Sweden did not lockdown their people or the economy. Sweden did not impose the use of mouth masks. Sweden promotes the supplementation of Vitamin D, social distancing, and hand hygiene.

Germany treated the people who tested COVID-19 positive early using hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).

Nowadays, more people in Belgium still die from COVID-19 than in Sweden, the Netherlands, and Italy, for example, even though there is evidence that herd immunity exists in many Nations!

Had Ancel Keys still been alive today (the man responsible for demonizing (saturated) fat, and the worldwide rising consumption of (refined) carbohydrates), he would have taken the coronavirus opportunity to slander vitamin D and promote face masks!

However, the scientific truth is that:

  • Vitamin D definitely strengthens your immune system!
  • Face masks worn in public areas by laypeople (i.e. most of us) do more harm than good to your health!

Background Information: Ancel Keys was the 'leading' expert in the 1960s-1980s who laid the foundation for the world's dietary guidelines, resulting in the global pandemic of obesity and type 2 diabetes! The method he used at the time is the same as that used by the so-called experts today: through scientific fraud and intimidation, pushing through an unproven theory and the accompanying useless measures.

The results of Ancel Keys' intervention continue to have disastrous consequences today, more than sixty years later. It is very likely that the measures that are now being imposed will also have disastrous effects for many years to come:

  • the education of children and young adults has been interrupted and is almost impossible to correct
  • people with chronic diseases (cardiovascular disease, tumors, inflammation-related conditions...) have not received proper treatment for a long time, which only worsens their health problems
  • preventive screenings for tumors and chronic diseases have been postponed or canceled and will result in much excess mortality in the coming years.

Sweden has about as many inhabitants as Belgium. Still, Sweden had to bury less than half of the Belgian number of Corona deaths. Most people who died in Sweden died in Stockholm. Stockholm is as densely populated as cities like Antwerp, Brussels, Rotterdam, and Manchester, and 75% of the deaths in Sweden died in elderly care homes in Stockholm. Sweden has not declared lockdowns. Sweden does not require mouth masks. The Swedish economy is still in full swing, and the restaurants, tavernas, cinemas, and the like have all remained open.

Belgium firmly believes that the coronavirus can be contained by:

  • imposing a lockdown at every turn
  • imposing other hallucinatory and ineffective measures at every turn
  • ruining the education of young children, youngsters, and young adults
  • ruining the Belgian economy

Why is Sweden doing well and Belgium not? The Swedes use common sense and base their policies on science, sensible virologists, immunologists, and epidemiologists who prioritize the welfare of the population, not their self-interest.

The measures that Sweden is pursuing are simple:

  • keep some distance. Swedes naturally do that
  • wash your hands regularly
  • avoid gatherings of more than 50 people

In Sweden, there have never been lockdowns, there is no obligation to wear a mouth mask, there is no closure of schools, shops, theaters and entertainment activities, fairs and zoos, concerts, restaurants, and other catering establishments!

The Belgian political leaders, on the other hand, blindly follow the insane advice of so-called experts who conceal the real solutions due to conflicts of interest: the pursued Belgian policy makes everyone believe that a vaccine will solve everything, but that's nonsense! The so-called Belgian experts have every interest in having many COVID tests carried out because they run the labs. The so-called Belgian experts have every interest in promoting a vaccine because they receive research grants from the government to develop such a vaccine and because they receive many millions from private funders. By means of the lockdown and isolation measures, the so-called experts ensure that the coronavirus is kept in circulation for as long as possible so that the population can develop resistance to it much more slowly.

A vaccine will (at best!) only ensure that the consequences of infection are less severe. So there is no guarantee that a vaccine (if a working and useful vaccine ever became available) would prevent you from getting sick! One of the vaccine candidates even states (honestly) that getting the vaccine does not protect you from getting the virus, as it only attempts at making the vaccinated person ill less severely. If these vaccines do not protect the person from getting ill, why would one even bother getting vaccinated with it, as avoiding a Vitamin D deficiency offers even better protection: Vitamin D boosts a person's immune system, and the immune system fights all viral and bacterial and fungal hazards to the person's health, where a vaccine only provides (partial) protection to a specific health hazard.

The announced and government ordered vaccines claim high effectiveness, but it is simply impossible to make any effectiveness predictions now: it is a new type of vaccine that has never been used before.

If the politicians, journalists, and experts who recommend COVID vaccines really believe in their effectiveness and harmlessness, they should be vaccinated first, and only after that those in the so-called risk professions and categories.

All preventive measures that people can take are continuously hushed up by the so-called experts because they ensure that the COVID tests and a vaccine are rendered irrelevant. It is a scientific certainty that all people who become seriously ill or die from COVID-19 are seriously deficient in Vitamin D.

If it is ensured that no one is still vitamin D deficient, the chance that a coronavirus infection will develop into a serious problem with a possibly fatal outcome becomes negligible. A person who is not vitamin D deficient will hardly notice if he or she is experiencing a COVID-19 inflammation. However, someone who does have a Vitamin D deficiency is at serious risk of complications or of dying.

How can you best protect yourself?

  • don't have a vitamin D deficiency!
  • ventilate sufficiently
  • if possible, ensure that the humidity of your rooms is around 40%, e.g., using an indoor humidifier to avoid too large droplets and airborne aerosols
  • wash your hands regularly with soap
  • keep your distance
  • stay at home when you feel sick


Population10,099 million11,590 million17,135 million60,462 million
First deathsMarch 12, 2020March 10, 2020March 7, 2020February 23, 2020
April 1, 2020285 deaths, 29 deaths / million1378 deaths, 119 deaths / million1004 deaths, 59 deaths / million12430 deaths, 206 deaths / million
May 12830 deaths, 281 deaths / million7866 deaths, 679 deaths / million4755 deaths, 278 deaths / million27967 deaths, 463 deaths / million
June 14613 deaths, 457 deaths / million9377 deaths, 810 deaths / million5923 deaths, 346 deaths / million33415 deaths, 553 deaths / million
July 15493 deaths, 544 deaths / million9641 deaths, 832 deaths / million6086 deaths, 356 deaths / million34767 deaths, 576 deaths / million
August 15758 deaths, 571 deaths / million9715 deaths, 839 deaths / million6146 deaths, 359 deaths / million35141 deaths, 582 deaths / million
September 15828 deaths, 578 deaths / million9900 deaths, 855 deaths / million6221 deaths, 364 deaths / million35483 deaths, 587 deaths / million
October 15879 deaths, 583 deaths / million10028 deaths, 866 deaths / million6406 deaths, 374 deaths / million35894 deaths, 594 deaths / million
November 16021 deaths, 597 deaths / million11855 deaths, 1023 deaths / million7392 deaths, 432 deaths / million38618 deaths, 639 deaths / million
December 17192 deaths, 713 deaths / million16871 deaths, 1456 deaths / million9360 deaths, 547 deaths / million55576 deaths, 920 deaths / million
January 1, 20219300 deaths, 921 deaths / million19620 deaths, 1693 deaths / million11420 deaths, 667 deaths / million74159 deaths, 1227 deaths / million
WHO overview, cumulative Sweden: no lockdown, no mouth masks, only 1.5 meters ... Belgium, lockdown, mouth masks, other half meters ... Netherlands: late lockdown, no mouth masks, social distancing ... Italy: lockdown, mouth masks, social distance ...
WHO overview, per daySweden: no lockdown, no mouth masks, only 1.5 meters ... Belgium, lockdown, mouth masks, other half meters ... Netherlands: late lockdown, no face masks, social distancing ... Italy: lockdown, mouth masks, social distance ...
LockdownNo lockdownLockdown set on March 17th (Day 6)Lockdown set for March 23 (Day 16)Lockdown set on March 9th (Day 16)
Other measuresVery little: no masks, measuring 1.5 meters, avoiding gatherings of 50 people or more, staying at home in case of illnessMouth mask duty, one and a half meters, number of social contacts is severely limitedNo face masks, but 1.5 metersFace masks, 1.5 meters, only essential movements are allowed
Economic impactLimited: commercial and social life is reduced but not shut downHuge impact with several bankruptcies and rising unemployment: many shops, companies, restaurants, schools were closed; the social and cultural sector was shut down completelyGreat impactHuge impact with many bankruptcies and rising unemployment: many shops, companies, schools, restaurants and the socio-cultural were shut down during the lockdown
Mortality, all causes   
All-cause mortality compared to COVID-19   
Evolution of respiratory diseases   
COVID-19 in healthcare facilities   

On average, about 6% of the Belgians who have died of COVID-19 are younger than 65, i.e., 94% of those who died are older than 65!

By mid-November 2020, some 14,500 people had died with a positive COVID-19 test. This means that approximately 12.5% ​​of the total Belgian population has died with a positive COVID-19 test. In an average year, about 11% of all deaths are due to respiratory diseases.

The mortality due to COVID-19 varies greatly by age category. In mid-November 2020, the age distribution is as follows:

  • Not more than 0.02% = 4 individuals under the age of 25 who had a positive COVID-19 test have died since March 2020. All of these individuals were female. Not a single man under the age of 25 has died who had a positive COVID-19 test
  • 0.44% = some 70 people under the age of 45 have died with a positive COVID-19 test
  • less than 6% = some 900 people under the age of 65 have died with a positive COVID-19 test
  • about 6% = about 900 persons between the ages of 25 and 65 have died with a positive COVID-19 test
  • some 94% = more than 14,000 of the 15,000 people who died with a positive COVID-19 test were over 65 years old!
  • some 82% = more than 12,300 of these 15,000 persons were over 75 years old, and
  • more than 52% = about 7,900 of these persons were older than 85 years.
Graph of deaths in Belgium by age and dateGraph with the evolution of mortality percentages by age group
Deaths and hospitalizations in Belgium by ageMortality percentages by age groups

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