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What can you do as long as there is no vaccine?

As long as there is no vaccine, it is best to ensure that your immune system works as well as possible. This means:

  • make sure you get enough sleep so that you allow your body to rest.
  • eat healthy. This means something different for everyone.
  • make sure your body is not deficient in vitamin D.

The body needs vitamin D to function healthily. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to a weakened immune system, weakened blood vessels, decreased muscle function, and increased risk of bone fractures.

Recent analyzes of the survival rates of COVID-19 positive tested subjects have indicated that there is a serious difference, depending on the amount of vitamin D in their blood: far too little, a mild deficiency, or sufficient.

Since vitamin D is very important for the normal functioning of the human body anyway, it is very important to make sure that you are not short of this. And if there are also indications that your deaths are influenced by a possible shortage, the conclusion is quickly made: common sense says that nowadays it is best to take a vitamin D supplement to avoid a shortage.

Reference: 10 June 2020, The New York Times, Exploring the links between CoronaVirus and Vitamin D

How to treat coronavirus?

Swiss Policy Research discusses how the coronavirus can be treated effectively:

  • prevention and early treatments with, e.g., zinc, quercetin, bromhexine, vitamin C, and vitamin D
  • treatment successes with, e.g., zinc, bromhexine, hydroxychloroquine, high doses vitamin D, azithromycin, and heparin
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